ProtoQuote with Design Analysis (UK)


Product designers and engineers can upload a 3D CAD model online at any time to receive an interactive ProtoQuote® with free design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis and real-time pricing information within hours. The DFM analysis helps eliminate potential problems like sink, challenging undercuts or walls that are too thin or thick. Once a part design is ready and a quote approved, production begins almost immediately. Upload a part today for a ProtoQuote with design analysis.

Turkka Vainio
almost 3 years agoMay 30, 2018
Are there also deformation / warpage / flatness analysis in the Design Analysis?
Laura Reeves
almost 3 years agoMay 30, 2018
Hi Turkka, sorry I'm not quite sure I understand your question - would you mind emailing me directly - Thanks!
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